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Peterborough High SchoolWelcome to Peterborough High School 

Peterborough High Peterborough High School is 245km from the Adelaide and has approximately 110 Year 8 to 12 students.

Quality learning programs are reflected throughout the curriculum, with students engaging in a wide range of core subjects, including vocational courses and extra-curricular activities. The school provides strong tuition in English, mathematics, science, society and environment, music, art,     home economics, health and physical education as well as VET options.

Peterborough High School is a lead school in the Trade Schools for the Future, specialising in 'Doorways to Construction' and Auto and is introducing Civil Construction in 2010. Computing, woodwork, plastics, metalwork, and photography are also offered.

Students enjoy a range of study areas and recreational spaces, including a special Year 12 study room, a community library, several ICT suites and a visual arts area. Support staff provide for the many needs of young people. The governing council ensures wider community participation in the school's day to day operations and futures planning. TAFESA Learning Centre is co-located in the Community Library.